Sohrab Marri Name: Sohrab Marri
Place of Abduction: Tali Sibbi ,Balochistan
Period of Detention: 0 Days
Date of Abduction: 2016/11/29
Hometown: Tali Sibbi ,Balochistan
Status: Extra judicially killed in custody
More About Sohrab Marri :
Pakistani security forces conducted military operation in Tali area of Sibbi Balochistan in morning on 29-November and abducted 80 years old disable Sohrab Marri son of Bakht Ali.After abduction,on the same day in evening Pakistani security forces dumped Sohrab Marri`s bullet-ridden dead body in Tali area of Sibbi along with 60 years old Bakth Ali Marri son of Haji Mehr Ali,70 years old Taukali Marri son of Bakht Ali,20 years old Faiz Mohammad Marri son of Ali Bakhsh and 35 years old Hammal Marri son of Qadir Bakhsh

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