Nisar Ahmed Name: Nisar Ahmed
Place of Abduction: Quetta, Balochistan
Period of Detention: 37 Days
Date of Abduction: 2017/12/15
Hometown: Quetta, Balochistan
Status: Enforced disappeared
More About Nisar Ahmed :
Pakistan Frontier Corps have abducted Nasir Ahmad son of late Ghaffar Langov from Quetta, the capital of Balochistan on 15 December 2017.According to BalochWarna news, Pakistan intelligence agencies and FC abducted Nasir Ahmad from Killi Allahabad Quetta. Eyewitnesses said that Pakistani officials have physically tortured Nasir on the spot before dragging him and shoving him into their official vehicle in public.

20-year-old Nasir Ahmad is a student of Intermediate in Science College Quetta and the only brother of five sisters, who lost their father in 2011.Pakistani forces abducted Mr Abdul Ghaffar Langov – father of Nasir Ahmad – from a hospital in Karachi on 11 December 2009. He remained in secrets detention of Pakistani forces till his mutilated dead body was found in July 2011.Abdul Ghaffar Langov aka Mir Ghaffar was a pro-freedom Baloch political activist who like thousands of other Baloch was abducted and kept in illegal detention for nearly 18 months and then killed under-custody and his body dumped at a derelict building in Gaddani, Balochistan.
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