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Bodies of evidence

admin Posted on 2011/12/8 0:00:00 ( 1717 reads )

Editorials :

Saher Baloch, Thursday, December 08, 2011

Karachi: Jalil Reiki’s five-year-old son finally saw his father a week back. All the while that his father was missing the child was informed that he had been on a business tour to Karachi and would be back soon.

After two years of waiting and looking at his father’s pictures hung on a wall in their home, he finally saw his mutilated body, which was found dumped near the Iran-Balochistan border near Mand.

“I had no other choice but to show him what happened to his father,” says Reiki’s father, Qadir Baloch, quietly. It took the family two days to bring back the body home. It was tortured so badly, says Qadir, that even after they brought it back to the hospital the nose and ears bled profusely. The only sign for Qadir to recognise his son was the national identity card found in the upper pocket of his torn clothes.

Reiki, who had gone missing in February 2009, was an active member of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP). He was among the 371 people who had gone missing from all over Pakistan in recent years.
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Editorial: Baloch Blood On Our Hands Dailytimes

admin Posted on 2011/11/22 0:00:00 ( 1167 reads )

Editorials :

Baloch insurgents have taken up arms in frustration. The calls for ‘freedom' are a result of the FC's ‘kill and dump' policy.
Finally the Federal Ministry of Human Rights has woken up to the woes of the people of Balochistan and taken notice of the rising number of deaths in the province. The human rights ministry has decided to form a task force that will probe human rights violations in Pakistan's largest province.

A report was earlier compiled by the interior ministry's Crisis Management Cell (CMC). According to this report, Rs 900 million has been spent by deploying 17 regular units and paramilitary troops to put an end to rising violence in Balochistan. This is astonishing considering that the money is being spent on the same forces that the Baloch people hold responsible for their miseries.
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The killings and the promises —Mir Sohaib Mengal

admin Posted on 2011/10/21 7:50:00 ( 1102 reads )

Editorials :

The media and the judiciary keep concentrating on non-issues but turn a blind eye to brutalities and human rights violations by state-run agencies

Prime Minister Gilani, on his recent visit to Quetta, asked the militants to shun violence and urged them to choose the path of peace. He was addressing the passing out parade of the recruits of Pakistan Army in Balochistan.

It seems that Mr Gilani was unaware of what his men in uniform and plain clothes were doing in Khuzdar, Gwadar and other parts of Balochistan while he was enjoying dry-fruits in the garrison city of Quetta on his short visit. In a very short span of three days, nine mutilated bodies of Baloch missing persons were found from different parts of Balochistan.
The first two victims of the brutal ‘kill and dump’ policy were Irfat Baloch and Kareem Jan Baloch. Irfat, a teenage boy, was a student of Turbat Degree College. He was abducted along with two other friends on September 23, 2011 from Pasni Cross. Their vehicle was intercepted when they were on their way to Quetta for a study tour. Kareem Jan Baloch, a political and social activist, went missing on August 8, 2011 from Tump, district Kech. He was detained illegally for 58 days before his brutally tortured body was found along with Irfat Baloch.

The whole of Balochistan mourned — strikes were observed throughout the province but the worst had yet to come. On October 9, the Baloch nation witnessed one of its most terrible days when the bullet-riddled bodies of 11-year-old Abdul Wahid Baloch (who was also called Balaach) and Ghulam Ullah Baloch, General Secretary of Baloch Watan Movement, were found from Baghbana, Khuzdar.
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COMMENT: Agony, anguish and angst

admin Posted on 2011/9/5 9:24:54 ( 1959 reads )

Editorials :

By Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The ‘day of disappeared persons’ is not commemorated to remind the disappeared persons’ families and friends because they never forget their loved ones; it is to remind deviant states that disappear people, of their moral and legal obligations

The International Day of the Disappeared, commemorated on August 30 every year, coincided with Eid-ul-Fitr and made the agony, anguish and angst of the disappeared persons’ suffering families even more emotionally heartrending because Eid is meant to bring happiness and cheer. Happiness and hope are alien for those whose near and dear ones are missing or whose missing ones have turned up as brutally tortured bodies with a note serving identification purposes and delivering dire warning to those who dare to tread the path of defying the will of the state as expressed by the army and the Frontier Corps (FC).
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Pakistan’s dirty war from Bangladesh to Balochistan

admin Posted on 2011/8/6 0:20:00 ( 887 reads )

Editorials :

By Ali Baloch

The Pakistani state is violating the international laws since her creation on 14th august 1947.The Pakistan first started violating the international norms by the military aggression and forcefull occupation of the soverign state of the Balochistan on 27th march 1948.The Baloch nation is fighting the illegal Pakistani occupation of the Balochistan from day first.The Pakistani state couldn’t make fool international community any longer by crying a foreign hand in Balochistan.Hang on a second! Pakistan first should explain her illegal presence in Balochistan? This is not a first time in the history that Balochs are resisting foreign invaders.Baloch had fought the Portugueese, Mongols, the British and even the Alexander the great but there was no such blames of any foreign involvement in Balochistan, but the Pakistan is trying to legitimize the genocide of the Baloch nation by labeling it as a foreign funded insurgency.The Pakistani occupiers should understand one thing that “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth”.
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