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Pakistan army atrocities in Balochistan and silence of International Community

admin Posted on 2013/7/15 9:20:00 ( 5870 reads )

Editorials :

By Faiz M Baluch

A video footage, presumably captured from a smart phone, emerged on social media exposing the brutalities of Pakistan military against Baloch people in Mashkay Balochistan. In the footage one can clearly see that Pakistan military personnel are burning Baloch houses where Baloch women and children beg them to stop burning their houses as they have nowhere to live. The Khaki uniformed men of military speak in Pashtu, Peshawari dialect, with each other but shout at Baloch women in Urdu asking them to go away and threatening to burn more houses.

The footage is interesting as it catches the thief/criminal army of Pakistan red-handed because in the past due to heavy restrictions imposed by the military the media could not access to the war zones hence it gave the military the benefit to deny their criminal actions against Baloch people across Balochistan. The other thing the video shows is the head scarves that the military men are wearing similar to those that the religious extremists usually wear which illustrates the collusion between the pro-Alqaeeda extremists and the military and confirms the repeated statements of Baloch leaders that Pakistan Army and the religious extremists are two sides of the same coin.

The video is a hard piece of evidence to press charges against Pakistan in the International Criminal Court and bring the Pakistani perpetrators – the military and civilian culprits to justice. The Baloch already have enough evidence and witnesses against Pakistan’s crimes against humanity in Balochistan that include target killings, enforced-disappearances and under-custody killings of pro-independence Baloch activists and their supporters. CCTV footage were presented to the Pakistan Supreme Court showing that the Para-military forces were abducting at least two Baloch activists. The court ordered their release but MI (military intelligence) dumped their dead bodies two days after the court order – directly challenging the court’s authority and it was also a grim warning to the Chief Justice that “you don’t have the power to dictate us.” Local police officers have also told the court, as part of their witness statements, that FC (Frontier Corps) and secret agencies are involved in abductions and killing of Baloch activists. Ministers from the previous government testified that they have seen the Pakistani forces shooting three young men from behind at close range in Mastung area of Balochistan.
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Does the UDHR apply to the people of Balochistan? —Faiz M Baluch

admin Posted on 2013/1/9 12:00:00 ( 3238 reads )

Editorials :

As the world marks International Human Rights Day ‘10 December’ Pakistan and Iran should be urged to respect the Human Rights of the Baloch people and end the illegal occupation of Balochistan.

International Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on December 10 to commemorate the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration has become a universal standard for defending and promoting human rights. The first sentence of the declaration reads: "The recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world." The declaration remains one of the most important documents ever created. It represented the first clear formal statement of the fundamental rights to which all humans are entitled. Guinness World Records describes it as the world's ''Most Translated Document''.

Does this declaration protect the rights of occupied Nations or stateless Nations?

The oppressed and occupied Nations continue to suffer at the hands of member states of the United Nations. Balochistan is also one such stateless Nations that has long been attacked, invaded and divided occupying nations that are signatories or members of the UN human rights council.

Due to the lack of international media coverage and international recognition, the Balochistan conflict is known as the “Forgotten Conflict”. The Baloch people’s struggle for independence, and against the illegal occupation of their sovereign state, continues till this day. Balochistan was first occupied and divided by the British in 1839. Later, two artificial British-drawn borders, the Goldsmith Line and the Du rand Line, sliced Balochistan into three pieces. Northern Balochistan and Western Balochistan were given to Persia and Afghanistan respectively, and Eastern Balochistan (Pakistan-occupied Balochistan) remained independent and maintained treaty relations with the British. Balochistan was never a part of British India, Persia or any other empire or countries.
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The loneliness of Mama Qadeer Baloch – by Khalid Waleed Saifi

admin Posted on 2013/1/9 11:44:31 ( 2966 reads )

Editorials :

Translated by Rakshani Baloch

Abdul Qadeer [Mama Qadeer Baloch] may seem alone; perhaps that loneliness is his power and friend. Every morning without feeling any exhaustion he goes to his [protest] camp which is decorated with the bouquets of the pictures of enforced-disappeared and martyred Baloch activists. He leaves for home as the sun sets. He dignifiedly sits on his mat as if a 22 grade officer is seated on his chair.

Many people turn their weakness to a power that can move mountains such a Himalaya. For some loneliness is their assembly, they talk to it; they laugh and make it laugh with them. Resolute people like Mama Qadeer number few. When passers by see him, different questions cross their mind – some think he is mental whereas some might feel sorry at his condition. But, people like Mama Qadeer cannot be discouraged by the history in fact they make history – a gold history!

The body of Qadeer’s young son Jalil Reki was found in Mand area of District Kech in Balochistan. He did not mourn the death of his son. There was a general perception that after losing his son, Mama might no more be interested is struggle for recovery of enforced-disappeared Baloch. They though he [Mama] will now struggle to feed himself and his family, but Mama Qadeer consider all forced-disappeared Baloch persons as his children. It is not necessary that everyone in this world lives only for their personal gains; in fact there are lot of people who live to serve others – such as Mama Qadeer.

Mama is like a candle which burns itself but give light to others. He is like a seed which is buried in the ground but it has grown up to become a tree and provides shade and fruits to others. Whether it is cold, scorching heart, cloudy, strong wind or heavy rain; Mama Qadeer Baloch’s journey never stopped. Neither an unfavourable circumstance nor an unexpected weather can become an obstacle in his way or break his will – at his old age he is as passionate as a young man.
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A Mother’s Bemoan: An open letter to Human Rights Organisations and Media

admin Posted on 2012/9/9 3:34:05 ( 1611 reads )

Editorials :

By Wahid Bakhsh Baloch

The Supreme Court has once against returned to Balochistan to hear the cases of abducted Baloch. The apex judges headed by chief justice Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry are hearing cases on daily basis. How honest they are and what power do they have it is obvious to everyone in Balochistan. Honorable Supreme Court has given several deadlines to Frontier Corpse (FC) and Pakistani security agencies for producing the abducted Baloch, but security agencies instead of bringing surfacing or releasing the Baloch missing persons have intensified process of disappearances of Baloch activists.

Few days back when I went to bazaar for routine shopping. I saw an aged Baloch mother who was giving handouts to everyone – she handed me one too which reads a following:
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Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan

admin Posted on 2012/9/8 3:50:10 ( 1735 reads )

Editorials :

By Nawaz Bugti

Sit back and relax, take a little time, thinking of any suitable word for the feelings of Mehlab Baloch, an eight year old baby, carrying a play card in a protest camp against illegal abduction and enforced disappearance of her father, in scorching sun of Islamabad. I bet you fail, even in case of your mother tongue. Because enforced disappearance is such an inhuman act that even imagination of the pain of victim’s family is not possible for any one in senses. It is impossible for anyone to realize the painful situation of these tormented families that how do they live with uncertain fate of their beloved ones. There isn’t any suggested therapy for this sort of enforced empty nest syndrome by the psychologists, world over.

It is not a new phenomena, but tragic incidents of Balkan conflict, unfortunate Tamil youth and ill-fated children of Africa drawn the serious attention of international community towards enforced disappearances. In early nineties International organizations of human rights took some initiatives, while on December 18, 1992 United Nations adopted a declaration on the protection of individuals from enforced disappearance which is known as resolution 47/133 under same title. Moreover, the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance entered into force on 23 December 2010 and August 30, 2011. It was the First UN International Day of the Disappeared. United Nations Working Group on Enforced or involuntary Disappearances called it “a special day to spotlight this heinous crime, and to remind victims, including the families and associations of victims of those who disappeared, that they are not alone”, in their statement issued at First UN International Day of the Disappeared .

War is definitely terrible of all the situations, and in war both combatants and non combatants suffer alike. Baloch Nation is in literal war like situation with a military monster of the region – Pakistan.
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