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Rally demands release of Baloch missing persons

Posted on 2011/4/11 6:06:18 ( 749 reads )

News :

ISLAMABAD (PPI) – In order to express their solidarity, the relatives of Baloch missing persons held a protest rally on Saturday against detention and disappearance their kins allegedly by the security forces and demanded the immediate release of thousands of Baloch activists.

The rally was started from National Press Club and culminated in-front of parliament house. Dozens of political activists, students also took part in the rally. It was organized by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, a non-partisan organization that has been struggling for more than 2 years to call attention to the disappearances and kidnappings as well as gruesome target killings of Baloch. The protesters were carrying pictures of disappeared people and chanted slogans against state terrorism, the unaccountable security agencies and the lack of political will of elected representatives. A large number of women and children also participated in the rally, the majority of whom are mothers and sisters of disappeared activists.
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A sister’s quest for missing brother

Posted on 2011/4/11 0:00:00 ( 838 reads )

News :

Baloch Missing Persons families arrived at Rawalpindi’s Railway Station at 4am on Tuesday (Apr 05, 2011), they were whisked away by the men of intelligence agencies. They were taken to a safe house in Islamabad. “They asked us why we have come to the capital and searched all the baggage. Some of the officials kept yelling, telling us to go back to Quetta.”

ISLAMABAD,On April 22 Farzana Majeed’s brother she had not seen almost for the last two years would turn 28 as the quest for the missing sibling brings her to Islamabad.
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An appeal for Abdul Qadir Kalmati (Baloch) on behalf of his family

Posted on 2011/4/6 0:00:00 ( 837 reads )

News :

Abdul Qadir Baoch is 19-years old young boy, he was kidnapped by police and intelligence agencies without any reason & charges at the middle of the night in front of his family members and after 2 days (3rd April 2011) he was produced to Pakistani media (Geo TV etc and BBC-Urdu) as a member of an organization “Lashkar E Balochistan”.

The different fake charges and cases have been fabricated against him by Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and accused him for carrying and planting heavy explosives devices. According to BBC he is accused for carrying one BM-rocket, 4-kg explosive device, 30-kg anti tank landmine-explosive, 107 explosive devices and detonators and he is also accused for the rocket attacks, detonating explosive in Malir and terrorism planning during Z.A. Bhutto anniversary.
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Pakistan continues Kill & Dump policy in Balochistan, three more dead bodies found

Posted on 2011/3/10 17:09:14 ( 1275 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Three more bullet-riddled Bodies of enforced-disappeared were found in different parts of Balochistan on Tuesday. They bodies were found Uthal, Turbat and Kalat.

According to sources local people spotted the body near Murgap area some 15 kilometres away from Turbat city and informed the Police personnel. The body was brought to Civil Hospital Turbat for medical examination where he had been identified as Yasir Baloch S/O Haji Nasir Baloch, a member of Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad) Turbat chapter.
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Another victim of enforced disappearances murdered in cold-blood by Pakistan (military)

Posted on 2011/3/10 0:00:00 ( 803 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: The unknown body found in Dasht area near Quetta on Wednesday has been identified as Faiz Muhammad Marri Baloch.

Faiz Muhammad Marri was abducted along with his cousin Khan Mohammad Marri on the night between 6th and 7th November 2010 during a raid on their house in Metrowell area of Karachi. The Sindh Ranger Police and other Intelligence agencies personnel had carried out the raid. On the persistence of Mr Marri’s aged parents the personal of security forces did confirm their Identity and let them see the official police cars in front of the flat.
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