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Forces abducted five more youth from Panjgor and Turbat: BHRO

Posted on 2013/3/12 9:14:10 ( 883 reads )

News :

Mohammad Aslam, Mohaib, Ibrahim, Shah Mohammad and Shahzeb were abducted near Trubat Park hotel.

Master Abdul Rehman was abducted from Panjgor on 24 February and Zahid hussain from Raess Goth Karachi on 28 January their bodies appeared in Karachi.

Quetta: Baloch human rights organization (BHRO) said in a press release that 5 More Baloch youth have been abducted from Panjgor and Trubat. The statement said that the abductors were armed and masked.

Spokesman of BHRO said Pakistani agencies are dumping the bodies of Baloch youth after severely torturing and then killing them in custody.
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Baloch Genocide: Two more bodies Baloch found in Karachi, One target killed by govt goons in Washuk

Posted on 2013/3/11 18:04:03 ( 762 reads )

News :

Karachi : Bodies of two previously abducted Baloch activists were found in Karachi whereas one Baloch activist was shot dead in Washuk region of Balochistan on Sunday, and with them the number of the abducted Baloch’s bodies found in Karachi reached nine in past few weeks.

The victims were identified as Master Abdul Rehman, 40, and Zahid Hussain, 24. Their tortured and bullet-ridden dead bodies were found in bushes near Link Road, Steel Town in Malir region of Karachi.

Both men were on the list of abducted Baloch persons. According to records on, the official website of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Master Abdul Rehman was abducted on 24 February, 2013 during a raid on his houses in Chitkan Gharibabad area of Panjgur, Balochistan. Another four Baloch activists were also abducted also with Abdul Rehman including Shakir Baloch, Karim Jan, Ghulam Jan and Aman Jan. Their fate and whereabouts remains unknown.
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Families of abducted Baloch protested outside Quetta Press Club

Posted on 2013/3/11 18:00:10 ( 459 reads )

News :

The family members of three abducted Baloch activists staged a protest demonstration outside Quetta Press Club on Monday.

Several relatives and friend, of three Baloch activists who were abducted from Quetta on 8th January, have demanded the immediate release of their loved ones. They also urged the High Court of Balochistan to take action against the responsible Pakistani Para-Military official for the abduction of Baloch activists.

The protesters were holding different placards demanding the release of their loved ones and other Baloch activists.

One of the protesters told local media that, “On 8th January his brother Naseer Ahmed along with his cousin Jameel Ahmed and Sanaullah were on way from a nearby market to their home at around 9:45 AM, when hen their car their car was intercepted by Pakistani security forces. They were arrested and taken away along with their car. Their whereabouts and conditions remain unknown since then.”
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Bodies of two Baloch activists recovered from Karachi

Posted on 2013/3/9 10:42:14 ( 546 reads )

News :

Karachi: Bodies of two Baloch activists were found in a deserted area of Karachi. The activists, who were strangled to death and dumped today, were abducted few weeks ago from. Dumping of Baloch bodies of Baloch activists in Karachi has intensified these days.

Superintendent of Police, Asif Ijaz, told BBC that the bodies were found on Northern bypass Manghopir and had rope marks on their necks which shows they were strangled and killed.

He said unknown men had abducted the Baloch students form Karachi few days ago. The corpses were handed over to the relatives after post-mortem.
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Baloch are a separate nation they are not Pakistani minority: Faiz Baluch

Posted on 2013/3/9 9:52:29 ( 542 reads )

News :

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) launched its seminal report 'The Targeting of 'Minority Others' in Pakistan' at the House of Commons, on Tuesday, in an event hosted by Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson, Chairman of the 'All Parties Parliamentary Group on Pakistan'.

Speaking on behalf of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Faiz M Baluch said that, “Baloch are not a minority group in Pakistan. They are a different nation with their own distinct identity, language and culture – their country Balochistan, an independent sovereign state, was occupied and forcefully annexed into Pakistan at gun point in 1948 against the Baloch people’s will and mandate. The Baloch have been struggling to regain their independence ever since.”

He said Pakistan was committing crimes in Balochistan that were tantamount to war crimes and genocide – meaning economic, linguistic, political and physical genocide of Baloch people.

“Pakistani security forced abducted over 14000 Baloch activists – among them nearly 700 have been killed under-custody. A further over 600 Baloch highly educated people including teachers, University professors, lawyers, doctors and poets have been target killed by the army and their hired criminal gangs who work as proxy death squads for the army. This trend – the enforced-disappearances and target killing of Baloch activists continues unabated to this day. More than 85 Baloch activists have been killed in past two – since the beginning of 2013,” Said Faiz M Baluch.

He said due to the silence of International Community, media and Human Rights Organisations Pakistan was committing heinous crimes in Balochistan.

Talking about minority groups in Balochistan, Faiz M Baluch said, these groups have been living in Balochistan from past several decades and they have never faced any problem from the Baloch people.

“The state of Pakistan and its army with the help of religious extremist groups first targets the minority groups in Balochistan and then in the name of action against attackers of these groups; the military indiscriminately bomb Baloch civilian populated areas and kills innocent people including women and children,” Faiz M Baluch said.

Mr Baluch on behalf of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons appeal the government of United Kingdom, America and other international democratic countries to notice take of the genocide of Baloch people by Pakistan, and support the Baloch struggle for freedom.
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