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UK: Join the Protest against enforced-disappearance

Posted on 2010/9/20 19:00:00 ( 1367 reads )

News :

Venue: Amnesty International ‎
1 Easton St
London WC1X0DW
Date & Time: Friday 1st October 2pm – 5pm
Nearest station: Farringdon Tube Station

London: As a part of continuous campaign against forced-disappearances the International Voice for Baloch Missing Person is holding a protest demonstration in front of Amnesty International main office in London on Friday 1st October 2010. IVBMP believes that enforced disappearances constitute a crime against humanity and calls upon all Humanity loving individuals and organisations to rise against such crimes. Every day thousands of people are being deprived of their basic right of liberty and right to live by suppressive regimes around the world just for asking for their democratic rights and right to freedom. In the same manner Iranian and Pakistani state regime and their death squads have disappeared and killed in cold-blood several Baloch men, women and children. The victims of state terrorism include students, lawyers, doctors, political activists and other members of public who have been asking for justice, equality and freedom.
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Baloch social activist killed for supporting educational institutes

Posted on 2010/9/20 8:00:00 ( 1015 reads )

News :

Shaheed Haji Dadullah Moradzahi was a benefactor person who always helped the poor and the people in need. He has helped many young Baloch people who couldn't afford the cost of their marriages, to get married. He was arrested with the charge of drug trafficking and selling drugs. It should be noted that drug trafficking is a accusation which Iranian government labelled thousands of Baloch youth, who were then ultimately hanged with baseless charges.
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128th of Zakir Majeed’s Family protest, is anyone listening to their plea for justice?

Posted on 2010/9/18 0:00:00 ( 973 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Zakir majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-azaad is being illegally detained by Pakistan Para-military forces and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009. The family of the Baloch student does not know about his whereabouts and his condition in which he is being held. The family is also gravely concerned about his well-being especially after more than 20 Baloch political activists have been brutally tortured to death by Pakistan Military and the Intelligence agencies. Zakir Majeed and other Baloch political activist have no access to legal representations and they have never been presented to any court or charged with any crimes.

People from different walk of life visited the hunger strike camp and condemned the illegal and inhuman abduction of Zakir Majeed by the Pakistani terrorist intelligence agencies. Speaking with the visitors of the camp his sister said, "My brother is a student political activist and abducting and torturing him in torture cells for years is against the Islamic principles and is the ultimate violation of his basic Human Rights. If he is involved in any sort of illegal activities and if committed any crime then he should be presented to the courts and if he is not involved in as such activities (which in fact he isn’t involved in) then must be released”.
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Three young men have been detained by Iranian Intelligence (Ittelaa't) since six months

Posted on 2010/9/17 0:20:00 ( 1424 reads )

News :

Report of Balochistan Human Rights Organization according to the report of BHRAA

Three young men have been detained by Iranian Intelligence (Ittelaa't) since six months. They are:1) Nasser Shahbakhsh s/o Zaman Khan 2) Lal Mohammad Shahbakhsh s/o Karim 3)Khalid Shahbakhsh s/o Yousuf.
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Two Baloch students including five abducted from Balochistan

Posted on 2010/9/16 0:00:00 ( 910 reads )

News :

Occupied Baluchistan: Three Baloch tribal notables including ex-vice Chiarman Dictrict council Khuzdar Mir Hassan Qalandarani and Mir Waseem Qalandarani Baluch along with one of their friends have been abducted near Luckpass by Pakistani armed officials. Mir Waseem Qalandarani is the son of Sardar Mohammad Ali Qalandarani.
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