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The hunger strike camp of families of Baloch Missing Persons entered in 1180th day

Posted on 2013/6/18 8:35:26 ( 444 reads )

News :

A delegation of BSO-Azad Karachi zone visited the camp to express solidarity with the families abducted Baloch activists on Monday.

They said that the Baloch struggle for independence is progressing abiding the rules and values enacted in the International laws. This struggle is valuing all human rights and using all legal platforms available to pursue its goal.

“In addition to the self-defence from the Pakistani death squads, the Baloch nation has responsibility to inform the International community about the justness and lawfulness of their struggle,” the BSO-A delegation said.

It added that the Baloch struggle will not only defend the national identity of Baloch nation but it will also be beneficial for the world peace. It will guarantee regional peace, stability and the upholding of values of human rights.
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Monetary compensations cannot bring back the loved ones of tormented families

Posted on 2013/6/13 7:12:00 ( 1848 reads )

News :

The protest camp of families of Baloch missing persons entered in 1175th day.

A delegation of Baloch National Movement visited the camp and assured their full support to the families of Baloch martyrs and missing persons.

The delegation said that thousands of Baloch activists are subject to callous torture in the dungeons of unnatural state of Pakistan. If those activists had accepted state-offered perquisites their parents would have not been protesting in front of Quetta and Karachi press club.

It added that the so-called democratic government proved to be the most vicious government ever and the brutalities inflicted on Baloch nation by this government are limitless and countless.
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The number of enforced disappeared person has increased in past four months: VBMP

Posted on 2013/6/6 18:38:40 ( 631 reads )

News :

The hunger strike camp of families of Baloch missing persons entered in 1167 days on Wednesday. A delegation of BNM Awaaran zone visited the camp to express solidarity with the families.

While talking to relatives of missing persons they said until today not a member of Pakistani FC and its death squad has been arrested despite of ample evidence against them. So what is the use of Pakistan’s this constitution that only applies on poor people whereas rich and powerful are exceptional.

“In past four months the Pakistani forces intensified the killing and abduction and the number of abducted person have increased to 17000 in total. 244 Baloch were abducted during military operation in last four months. Among them 60 were killed extra-judicially and dozens were injured,” Said delegation.
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Pakistani forces intensified military operations and kill & dump in Balochistan. Qadeer Baloch

Posted on 2013/5/26 10:15:26 ( 1528 reads )

News :

QUETTA: A delegation of Baloch Unity Council visited the hunger strike camp of families of Baloch missing persons here on Friday to express solidarity with the families.

The delegation saluted the sacrifices of the Baloch youth and assured the families of their support. They said all Baloch should stand united to preserve and protect their tradition, culture and identity. They said, “We have joined the ranks of our pro-independence parties and leaders to prove that we are a living nation. The whole world now realises that we have the best leaders who are continuing the national liberation struggle despite of all the hardships and challenges they faced.”

The Baloch Yakjehti Council [Baloch Unity Council) said Nawab Khair Marri is the leader and friend of Baloch nation and he should be respected. “He has always remained steadfast to contend all kind of internal and external conspiracies hatched to create differences between pro-independence parties and leaders,” Said the BUC delegation.
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VBMP to intensify its protest if the government fails to produce abducted Baloch in one month

Posted on 2013/5/23 14:34:29 ( 737 reads )

News :

Chairman for Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Nasurullah Baloch, said Pakistan has escalated abduction and kill and dump policy in Balochistan after the so called elections. He gave a one-month ultimatum to the government to discover all the abducted Baloch.

Mr Baloch called for a sit in protest in front of governor and chief minister houses for one weak. Vice chairman Abdul Qadeer Baloch was also present.

Nasurullah Baloch further said because of human rights violations by Pakistani agencies in Balochistan the families of disappeared Baloch suffering from mental torture. “The dumping of bodies of is still continuing unabated,” Said Nasrullah.

He said after the so called election 10 Baloch have been killed and their bodies were dumped, despite the vows and promises of the parties who won in this election to end the enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings.

“We give one month to the new government to end the abductions of Baloch activists. If they fail to do so we will intensify our protest. The first stage of our protest will be a sit-in-protest in front of the house of governor and chief minister for a weak. If the new set up did not take any step to solve the issue then they will be responsible for the situation afterward,” Said Nasurullah Baloch.
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