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A Baloch family asks the world: Is it a crime to be a Baloch?

Posted on 2013/3/30 5:06:39 ( 648 reads )

News :

Karchi: The family of disappeared Abdul Razzak Baloch held a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Thursday.

The family of Razzak Baloch said he is the only bread earner of the family and his forced disappearance put the family at anguish and pain. Brother of Abdul Razzak Baloch told media person that his brother was not only a journalist but also a Baloch intellectual and linguist. He was abducted between 9 and 11 pm on Sunday night from Chakiwara area of Karachi.

Since then no one heard and know about his whereabouts. He said, “We went everywhere to look for him. We contacted the rangers, the police and Karachi administration but no success they’re all in denial.”

He said his family had no enmity with anyone. “After searching for him for three days continuously, we have come to the conclusion that he has been abducted by the intelligence agencies. We suspect that he will be tortured and killed like other Baloch youths and will be thrown to a deserted area.”
He said disappearance of his brother was the continuation of abductions in Balochistan. He the daily discovery of dead bodies of abducted Baloch is adding to the fears of his family.
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Balochi Language Writer Goes Missing From Karachi

Posted on 2013/3/26 20:00:00 ( 655 reads )

News :

KARACHI: A Balochi language writer, journalist and social activist, Haji Abdul Razaaq Baloch, has gone missing from Karachi’s Liyari area, family sources confirmed.

Mr. Baloch’s family sources said he went missing between 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm on March 24. No one knows about his whereabouts since he was seen last.

They said he had remained affiliated with Daily Tawar, a pro-Baloch nationalist newspaper whose reporters had been kidnapped, tortured and killed in the past as well.
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Balochistan has never been part of subcontinent geographically and historically. Qadeer Baloch

Posted on 2013/3/26 17:26:30 ( 654 reads )

News :

Karachi. The hunger strike camp of families of Baloch disappeared entered 1094 day in total and 114 days in Karachi. People form every walk of life visited the camp and expressed solidarity with the families of Baloch missing persons.

The chairman of VBMP, Mama Qadeer, while talking to the visitors said that Baloch are laying their lives to regain their lost sovereignty since 27 March 1948 the day when Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan.

“Balochistan is the region where Baloch have been living for thousands of years that’s why it is called Balochistan but the occupiers changed its name to Kalat. Balochistan was a separate state like its neighbours Afghanistan, Iran and India. History is witness that Balochistan political borders and its constitution was drawn by Mir Naseer Khan Noori and it was the Baloch code of ethics and traditions, which was accepted as national constitution of Balochistan,” he added.
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Baloch activists in Germany protest against Balochistan’s occupation

Posted on 2013/3/24 18:08:49 ( 534 reads )

News :

Germany: Koln 24 March 2013: Baloch Community Germany staged a protest demonstration in Koln city to condemn the occupation of Balochistan, on 27 March 1948, by Pakistan.

A large number of Baloch political activists including women and children took part in the protest to express their dislike for slavery and occupation. The aim of the protest was to inform the German government, European Union and the United Nations that Pakistan which is mistakenly considered an ally of international community in war against terrorism; in fact the military of Pakistan was a grave threat for Europe and rest of the civilised world.

According BCG press release the Baloch nation was the only force in the region that does not support the jihadist ideology. They further said that Pakistan has occupied Balochistan at gunpoint on 27 March 1948. However, the BCG said, that Baloch have never accepted the forced occupation of their country and have been resisting since the first of their country’s invasion.

“To strengthen its illegal occupation over Balochistan the state of Pakistan has initiated bloody operations against Baloch people. Over 14000 Baloch have been abducted so far including women and children. The abducted Baloch are held at some undisclosed location and they have no access to any legal representation,” the Baloch Community Germany Press release read.
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Mastung Sisters Seek Chief Justice’s Attention For Their Killed, Injured and Missing Brothers

Posted on 2013/3/24 17:41:46 ( 485 reads )

News :

MASTUNG: The sisters of three men, one killed, one whisked away by the security forces and the third badly injured in an operation in Mastung area on January 18, 2013, have appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to conduct an independent inquiry about what they called as the extrajudicial killing, injury and disappearance of their three brothers.

Speaking at a press conference at Mastung Press Club on Saturday, the women said their family comprised of six sisters and three brothers. On January 18, 2013, the security forces conducted an operation in their town in Mastung District which led to the killing of their brother Rasheed Shahwani. Their second brother Nisar Shahwani was critically injured in the attack while a third brother was taken away by the security forces during the operation.

The government claimed that the two brothers belonged to the Baloch Liberation Army (B.L.A.). The sisters denied the charges.
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