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Baloch went to mountains for freedom not for petty jobs: Mama Qadeer

Posted on 2013/2/1 13:40:40 ( 794 reads )

News :

Baloch struggle is not for amenity or salary but for the preservation of Baloch idetnity. Farzana Baloch

Karachi: A delegation of BRP Women wing Karachi visited the hunger strike camp of Baloch abducted persons here on Thursday to express solidarity and support to the families of Baloch missing persons.

Expressing views on the recent developments the delgation said, “If Baloch had any demand for employment and relief then Balach Marri wouldn’t have gone towards mountains to fight. Balach Marri was not only a member of provincial assembly but also a Nawab but still he left all the amenities and comforts available to him.

“Balach was concerned about the Baloch who are living under the line of poverty, he loved his motherland and sacrificed his life to save the Baloch national tradition, culture and identity from being diluted by occupiers. In the same way Nawab Akbar Bugti left the cosy life behind and made mountains his home in old age. He was a Nawab he had everything to live a comfortable life. He left his all comforts for the sole reason – the independence of Balochistan,” the delegation said.
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Baloch youth are being killed because they refuse to bow before Pakistani state – Mama Qadeer.

Posted on 2013/1/31 12:20:00 ( 623 reads )

News :

“History has written heartless stories of Punjabi state’s barbarism in Balochistan,” Said Mama Qadeer while talking to the visitors and sympathizers on 1042nd day of hunger strike camp in Karachi.

He said that the blood splatters of Baloch youth is everywhere from the Pakistani secret torture cells to all the corners of Baloch land. These kinds of many dark hurdles came in our pathway when Sangat Sana, Jalil Reki, Ghafaar Langov, Qambar chakar, Illyas Nazar and many other young Baloch faced the bullets of Pakistani brutal state but they confronted it without bringing a fold to their foreheads

“Many of the Baloch youth were hanged on trees and poles. In some cases the victims were burnt with acid and their bodies were drilled,” said Mama Qadeer
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Parliamentarians are responsible for Baloch genocide; whole Balochistan should boycott Pakistani elections. VBMP

Posted on 2013/1/30 15:21:52 ( 741 reads )

News :

The hunger strike camp of the families of Baloch missing persons entered in 1041th day in whole and 60th day in Karachi. BNM turbat zone visited the camp of families of Baloch disappeared persons to express solidarity.

They BNM delegation said that when occupiers occupy any territory then they use brute force to strengthen their occupation and manacle the nation with shackles of slavery.

“Baloch nation has proved on international level that Baloch are fighting for their existence and freedom, on the other hand occupier is using its vote and election method to bring forward the dacoits and thieves to make them hurdle in the way of Baloch struggle,” Said spokesman of delegation.

Voice chairman of VBMP, Qadeer Baloch, and General secretary, Sister of Zakir Majeed, said that few days ago BLA appealed the nation to boycott polls in Baluchistan and also warned the parliamentarians. We the families of Baloch missing persons fully support the call of BLA to boycott this cunning act in Balochistan.
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The court orders on the Baloch abducted persons case are to fool International community. Mama Qadeer

Posted on 2013/1/29 11:33:57 ( 622 reads )

News :

The hunger strike camp of the families of Baloch missing persons entered its 1040th day in total and 59 days in karachi alone. Baloch human rights organization Karachi visited the camp to express solidarity with the families of Baloch missing person here on Monday. While talking to the families of Baloch abducted person they said that the violations of human rights in world is at peak. These violations are being done to accomplish vicious and inhuman tasks.

They said when human rights violations take place then programs are held to create awareness in the world and this is how the human rights organizations came to existence. This is also a reality that first the victims rise against cruelties then the UN and other organizations take notice. According the HRW manifesto no any law gives permission to any country to intervene in the affairs of another country. But Pakistan has violated this law by occupying Balochistan and interfering with the domestic issues of Baloch.
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True Baloch leadership has brought the nation out of agnoies of slavery to practical grounds. Mama Qadeer

Posted on 2013/1/28 7:00:47 ( 574 reads )

News :

A Bso Azad Sibi zone delegation visited the camp of Baloch abducted person here on Sunday to express their solidarities and sympathies to the families. While talking to the families of Baloch abducted person BSO Azad delegation said the pain of slavery is rising among the Baloch nation with each passing day. They said it is the psychology of occupiers to create the atmosphere of fear with violence on occupied nations, but in contrary the people defeat occupying forces psychologically with their spirit of sacrifice.

Spokesman of BSO Azad delegation said when contemplations and will power strengthens in people it will draw a line between their wishes and determinations. When people determine then their resolves strengthen it self to succeed them in their drive. They said wishes make people lethargic and the lethargy is another name of viciousness. Even the corpses, of those who have strength in their determinations, become precious assets for nations.
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