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Two Baloch students whisked away by Pakistani security forces

Posted on 2010/9/11 12:40:00 ( 1024 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan:MASTUNG, Occupied Balochistan: A second activist of a Baloch student body was abducted and became a victim of enforced disappearance in as many days.
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International Voice for Baloch Missing Person's Norway writes to Mr Ban Ki Moon

Posted on 2010/9/9 0:00:00 ( 1412 reads )

News :

OSLO, Norway: A former minister in the Balochistan government who is now in self-exile in Norway, has appealed to the United Nations to help the people of Balochistan and to ensure their right to freedom is protected under international covenants.
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120th day of Zakir Majeed’s family protest but no clue of his whereabouts

Posted on 2010/9/7 0:20:00 ( 2309 reads )

News :

Baloch families on constant protest for the recovery of their loved ones

QUETTA, Occupied Balochistan: Families of Baloch political and student activists, who have become victims of enforced disappearances in Pakistan, are staging hunger strikes in Balochistan cities and towns for the safe and early recovery of their loved ones.
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UN should take notice of cold-blooded murder of Baluch detainees: VMBP

Posted on 2010/9/7 0:00:00 ( 1423 reads )

News :

Quetta: QUETTA: A victim of enforced disappearance Zaman Khan Marri, whose body was recovered from Mastung, was laid to rest Monday at the “Martyrs of Balochistan Graveyard” in Quetta, capital of Balochistan.
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Advocate Zaman Marri's body found near Mastung

Posted on 2010/9/6 0:30:00 ( 1051 reads )

News :

Occupied Baluchistan: A bullet riddle body was found in Ghuncha Dhori area of Mastung yesterday evening but could be recognised. The Levis forces had shifted the body to Civil Hospital Quetta for identification.

The has been recognised as advocate Zaman Khan Marri earlier today (06-09-2010), his brother has confirmed that that it was the body of advocate Zaman Khan Marri.
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