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Kohlu: disappeared Mitta Khan Marri’s body found, son and father abducted from Barkhan

Posted on 2011/2/8 0:00:00 ( 1214 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces continue their kill and dump policy in Balochistan. Body of a 16 year old, disappeared, Marri Baloch has been recovered from MaarGud (Bair Koh) region of district Kohlu in Balochistan.

According to details the Baloch National Voice has informed the media in Balochistan that a 16 year old Marri Baloch boy, Mittha Khan Marri son of Qadir Marri, who had been abducted the Pakistan FC on 2nd February from Bair Koh area of district Kohlu has been tortured to death under-custody. His brutally tortured body was found yesterday on (07/02/2011) close to an FC check point in the same area. There were signs of rope around the victim’s neck and his body bore signs of brutal torture; he was shot in the head like hundreds of other victims of under-custody killings across Balochistan, said the BNV spokesperson.“Young Mittha Khan Marri was goat-herd and his family are nomads and they residents of MaadGud area of district Kohlu, Balochistan”.
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Pakistani forces have rounded up dozens of people from surrounding areas of Sibi and Bolan

Posted on 2011/2/7 0:00:00 ( 1258 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have initiated a house-to-house search operation in several surrounding areas of Sibi and besieged many villages by sealing all the ways to Babar Kach, Badrah, Kahnen Shahr and Zhalo where the military is carrying out a door –to – search operation. Dozens of people have reportedly been arrested and several mud and straw made houses have been destroyed.

A convoy of Pakistan Para-military forces armed with latest weapons was seen going towards the above named place late last night from Sibi Military base. The forces have established new check posts on several places and people are being stopped, humiliated and beaten.
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Save Balochistan Campaign: Protest to be held in London

Posted on 2011/2/6 2:00:00 ( 1679 reads )

News :

London: We invite all Baluch, friends of Baloch and Human Rights Campaigners to join us to raise the voice of the Baluch victims and to defend their democratic rights. Therefore, as our ongoing monthly pickets and in relation to Save Balochistan Campaign, we the ‘International Voice for Baluch Missing Persons’ (U.K) would request you to participate in the protest which will be held on Sunday 13 February 2011 in front of BBC World service in London from 2pm – 5pm.

Address: BBC World Service
Bush House
Strand, London, WC2B 4PH
Nearest station: Holborn Tube Station
Time & date: Sunday 13 February 2pm – 5pm
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Relatives of Baloch disappeared person rejected the statement of chief justice BHC

Posted on 2011/2/6 0:00:00 ( 902 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Relatives of enforced disappeared and forced displaced people during dictator Musharraf’s reign from Kohistan Marri have termed the statement of Balochistan High Court chief justice an insult to the families of disappeared Baloch political activists.

The chief justice Qazi Faez Isa, during a visit to chaman city of Balochistan has told the reporter that “most of the forcefully disappeared persons from Balochistan have been recovered”. However, the family of Baloch illegally detained people say that the chief justice knows too well that the intelligence agencies of Pakistan are responsible for the abductions of their loved ones. They further said “Chief justice cannot question the notorious ISI, MI and other intelligence agencies and he is completely helpless before these powers. He doesn’t have any right to protect these savage forces by saying that no one was in their custody. Rehman Malik, IG FC (Inspector General Frontier Corps) and even more loyal chief minister and governor are already representing and protecting the Punjabi death squads in Balochstan”.
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Three bullet-riddled bodies found in Khuzdar

Posted on 2011/2/5 0:00:00 ( 1174 reads )

News :

Occupied Balochistan: Three bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons were found on Thursday in the Ferozabad area of Khuzdar district, Levies officials said.

According to Tehsildar Mohammad Umar, passers-by spotted the bodies near a river and informed the nearby Levies station. The bodies were then taken to hospital for autopsies where they were identified as those of Hamid Issazai, Lal Khan Sumalani and Mir Khan Sumalani of Kalat district.
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