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UN should take notice of cold-blooded murder of Baluch detainees: VMBP

Posted on 2010/9/7 0:00:00 ( 1440 reads )

News :

Quetta: QUETTA: A victim of enforced disappearance Zaman Khan Marri, whose body was recovered from Mastung, was laid to rest Monday at the “Martyrs of Balochistan Graveyard” in Quetta, capital of Balochistan.
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Advocate Zaman Marri's body found near Mastung

Posted on 2010/9/6 0:30:00 ( 1069 reads )

News :

Occupied Baluchistan: A bullet riddle body was found in Ghuncha Dhori area of Mastung yesterday evening but could be recognised. The Levis forces had shifted the body to Civil Hospital Quetta for identification.

The has been recognised as advocate Zaman Khan Marri earlier today (06-09-2010), his brother has confirmed that that it was the body of advocate Zaman Khan Marri.
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International Voice for Baloch Missing Person protested against enforced-disappearances in Baluchistan

Posted on 2010/9/5 0:00:00 ( 2267 reads )

News :

London: International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has held a 5 hours long protest against enforced-disappearances of Baluch student and political activists. The aim of the protest was to highlight the issue of growing forced-disappearing of Baloch political leaders and activists by Pakistani and Iranian authorities. Number of Baloch and other Human Rights activists participated in the protest to show solidarity with the families of Baloch political prisoners and to condemn Pakistan and Iran atrocities against Baluchistan.
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Baloch observe International Day of the Disappeared as 1000s still missing

Posted on 2010/9/4 0:40:00 ( 1247 reads )

News :

WASHINGTON, DC: The International Day of the Disappeared Monday was marked by the Baloch Diaspora in a somber mood as the fate of more than 1,100 documented victims of enforced disappearances is still unknown in Balochistan in southwest Asia.

The United nations has declared August 30 as the International Day of the Disappeared to draw attention to the fate of thousands of victims of enforced disappearances in the world.
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Protest for the recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared person, govt deceiving people: Nasrullah Baluch

Posted on 2010/9/4 0:30:00 ( 902 reads )

News :

Occupied Baluchistan: Hunger strike camp for release of Zakir Majeed Baloch entered into 102nd day but there is no information of Zakir Majeed’s whereabouts so far. A large number of people protest outside Quetta press club here on Monday. Addressing the protesters and media men Zakir Majeed Sisters said that the family has been sitting on protest for more than hundred days but the ignorance of the state (Pakistan) is unimaginable. “If Pakistan has even a shred of decency then they should surface Zakir Majeed and present him to their own court of law for a trial”. Zakir was struggling for human dignity, disappearing people for years like this shows the state’s savageness and uncivilised manners, he said. She appealed to all human loving organizations, Religions and Nations to take notice of State atrocities and play their vital role to save the life of her brother and thousands of other Baloch illegally detained persons.
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