Occupied Balochistan: Nine Baloch Civilian were abducted by Pakistani Army on 20th of March 2017 in Gichk Area of Panjgur.

Date 2017/3/20 17:30:00 | Topic: News

Dozens of Women and children were tortured and Several men abducted .
According to the news sources, Nine Baloch Civilians were abducted by the Pakistani Army From Gichk Area of Panjgur. The abductees were recognized as Ayub S/o Shahdad, Saddam S/o Ayub, Hanif S/o Ayub, Mir Jan S/o Baktiar , Omet S/o Honak, Abdur rahman S/o Umar, Mohmmad Yar S/o Sher Mahmmad, Sanaullah S/o Rahimdad, Washdil S/o Diljan The Pakistani Army has also Torched more than 15 Houses, One Shop, a Agricultural vehicle, Two Motor Bike, 2 Trucks and one Water supply machine.

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