Occupied Balochistan: Six People were abducted by Pakistani Army including a 12-year-old kid from Kacha area of Sindh.

Date 2017/10/31 15:20:00 | Topic: News

According to Bygwaah sources, Pakistani Secret Agencies and Sindh Rangers have conducted a raid on the house of Sohnra s/o Zahro Bugti in Kacha area in Sindh, abducting the wife of Sohnra Bugti, his 12-year-old Riaz Bugti, and five other children on 31st of October 2017.

Zahro Bugti who is disabled and couldn't see was previously have been abducted by the Pakistani Army from Kashmor and his Whereabout is not known. Zahro Bugti was among thousands of Baloch who migrated to Sindh, Punjab, Iranian Occupied Balochistan, and Afganistan, After series of full-scale military offensives in most parts of Balochistan.

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